Living in between two worlds

Bilingual_KidsMegan was worried about raising her kids to be bilingual when she was pregnant. Although she was born in England, she grew up speaking two languages. Her French husband spoke four. How many languages, she wondered, could her baby learn? ( )

She felt even more confused by the enormously conflicting opinions. While some experts were certainly encouraging about raising bilingual children, others cautioned her “not to confuse her child.” As a result, she decided to conduct her own research on the subject like many other parents. For example, a recent research carried out by College of London indicates Learning languages can boost brain power . People who learned a second language at a younger age were also more likely to have more advanced grey matter than those who learned later, the team said. A general survey shows that only 1 in 20 people can speak a second language.

However, the feedbacks from some frontline childcare providers says that it is too confusing for a kids to be in a bilingual environment. Some parents has actually been advised to focus on a single language, otherwise the child’s language development would fall behind the rest of their peers. What is your experience? Do you think it’s detrimental to teach your kids a second or third language from a young age?

In the coming months, MyStorio will investigate how other parents have helped their kid’s learning and to cope in a multiple languages environment. The tasks is equally challenging for both the parents and the kids.

MyStorio hopes our “Living in between two worlds” series will be a reference point for offering your kids the gift of speaking more than one language.

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