Horse Riding Adventure

Horse Riding

A story about Felix & Sophie
“Mommy, why can’t i have a horsie for Christmas?!”… that was my method of persuasion to get one at the age of 7.
Since i was 7 I learned the love for horses from my single-mom who taught me as much as she could about these fantastic creatures. I loved them so much that I used to dream about them at night. I would gallop on Felix, my little horse through the beautiful green sloping hills of the countryside!!!!
Personally, I think horses are one of the most beautiful and noble animals on this earth, because let’s face it, how many animals can you think of that will let you get up on its back and order it around. I also realised that between the age of 8 and 16 when me and my friends were completely engrossed in the horse world and could think and talk nothing but horses that we avoided getting caught up with boys & parties. We would just be busy planning our next ride or a whole week-end of riding in the country.
Felix taught me something special as a child. Being kind to an animal teaches you how to be kind to other people as well and I think that our parents were very thankful that we were into the horse world instead of other unhealthy distractions.
Having said all this it is clear that encouraging children to have a love for horses can be nothing but good. Horses have been known to give confidence to children who were extra shy or had communication problems and indeed to children who are either physically or psychologically handicapped horses are truly invaluable in just the same way as dolphins are.
If you have a child and agree that it would be beneficial for him or her to get to know horses all you have to do is to look up where your nearest riding stables are and get your child registered for classes.
Most riding schools are the perfect place for your child to learn as there he will be allotted a horse or pony that is compatible with him. He will have a proper teacher to take him through all the ropes of riding including the most important ‘on the ground’ parts which are the caring and grooming of a horse. It is actually on the ground where the young rider can begin to create a close bond with his horse and once created the horse will be more likely to protect his rider when he is up on his back.
By visiting the stables on a regular basis your child will inevitably make friends with other pupils and they will instantly all have something in common which is – the love of horses! It is very unlikely that your child will meet up with drug addicts in a riding stables as those kids think they have better things to do than hang around with horses, so your kids should be safe.
Some children can also be quite gawky when they are young, you know, not able to hold themselves or walk properly and riding a horse gives them a new balance and elegance to their body movement that they might not have been able to acquire anywhere else.
And a final note is that being with horses and learning about them, how to care for them, watching out for signs to show that the horse is not well all teaches the child a sense of responsibility.
If you are lucky enough in that your child takes to horses, at the end of the day you yourself will be a very lucky parent.
Love Sophie xxx

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